Beautiful red dun filly. By a grandson of Skippers Ring named Sweep N Flo and out of a very nice mare we bought from Gustafsons from North Dakota named Betta Bennie Pace.  She is very stout and will have the muscle and build to do anything you want. $1500

Gorgeous palomino filly really flashy with three white socks and a stripe. Should be really cute!  By our buckskin stallion Handy Seirra and out of Sonnys Illusive Lady a really nice broodmare. She has out produced herself with many nice fillies that have turned into really good  riding mares and broodmares. This one will follow suit and palomino to boot. She is a really stand up and stand out filly nice streamline and big turned hip.  


 Really nice buckskin filly that could possibly roan out as well. She is super keen headed, has a big eye, and short little ears. Just beautiful!  She is by Handy Sierra and out of Shi Miss Leo the mother to our red roan stallion HK Top Image. This is only the second filly this mare has ever had and she lost the first one. So seeing as this mare is getting older (18) this could well be the only filly this mare will ever produce. This mare has produced several nice stud colts and this filly will be no different. She will out do her mother.  Sold

Nice red roan colt by Handy Sierra and out of HKtopsavana. This is this mare's third foal.  She always has very nice very well muscled quiet red roan foals that are flat kneed and have great easy going dispositions.

Really cute well muscled bay colt that could roan out. This will be a real looker, especially if he turns bay roan. He is by Handy Sierra and out of Perfect Spring. This mare has had many nice foal including the mother of the foal above. Her foals are well muscled and are always really nice movers. This mare's dam was shown at the block and bridle and won the 2 & 3 yr western pleasure class and then was retired due to injury. This mare was never rode due to injury as well, however always moved very well as do her foals. Sold

Very nice bay roan colt. By Hk Top Image and out of Macs Uptown N Plenty. He is super friendly and feisty. He loves to run and lope around, signs of a natural loper.  Can already move his font end and back up just by light steady pressure from the hand. This colt will be an awesome rider someones next show horse guaranteed.  Sold
Superb buckskin filly . By Handy Sierra and out of HKfancyroanlady. This mare has had two outstanding blue roan stallions for us the last two years.  Many people have showed  much interest in buying these two, however we will keep them back until next spring when we will decide which one we will keep for our next stallion.This mare has produced another outstanding foal. She is super cute, long legged, and will probably end up the nicest filly we have this year.  However,  being almost two months younger than the other three probably won't get there for a year.  Trust me when I say this will be a show stopper and with that buckskin color that many people are after these days. 
Price $1250