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Luna is a great bay filly out of hkroanruby and by handy Sierra. She possesses great movement from a young age and is filling out to be a very shapely filly. She is very freindly and loves attention just like her dam. She was also easy to break to lead and I think will break out nice as did her dam. If you are looking for a great  prospect look no further. $1250
Very nice Buckskin colt that has great eye appeal. His dam (Sonnys Illusive Lady) has produced many very nice foals, HKfancyroanlady very nice red roan mare that injured her led as a weaning so was never broke but is caring on her dams legacy as a broodmare produce three nice foals thus far two stallions one that is currently standing stud in North Dakota and the other is HK Blue Sky that we have kept to use as our junior stallion next year. HK Carmel Image an awesome sorrel mare that we showed lightly as a young mare and sold to a good friend how is using her for a show mare, HKRoanRuby is a nice Red Roan mare who we rode as a two year old and broke out very nice and had the sweetest little pleasure trot and is now proving herself as a broodmare with a very nice bay filly for her first colt, HK Scarlett sierra a yearling palomino filly looks excellent and is another great mare, This is the first stud colt this mare has produced and is looking excellent looking don't miss out on this excellent prospect.  $1500
Nice palomino filly by Handy Sierra and out of Perfect Spring a long time great producing mare in our program by a performing mare.Perfect Spring was inured as a two year old and then again as a three year old thus being why she was never rode but possess great movement across the pasture. This filly would make a good performance filly and posses that beautiful palomino color.  Sold
Great bay filly that is by handy sierra and out of Betta Bennie Pace that comes from Oak Ridge Ranch in North Dakota.  This filly is THICK she has a stout front end and a big hip. She has the look and ability to be an excellent rope horse as there are many on both sides of her pedigree. $1500
Buckskin colt that is by handy sierra and out of HKTopSavana who is one of the most popular mares with our customers. This colt loves to be pet and is very cute. He Should fill out to be very stout.  Sold
Perfect Spring is a 2003  red roan mare by Chip Frost and out of Im Perfectly Shi.  She has been a good broodmare for us and has had 7 or more foals for us.  Her dam won the block and bridle as a young mare.  A lot of people like how this mare's foals ride. She was never rode due to an injury, but I think she would be riding sound.  She currently has a 2017 palomino filly (Pictured with her above) that will be weaned late summer early fall.  If interested she could be sold by herself, 2 for 1, or 3 for 1 as she will be out in the pasture  exposed to Handy Sierra. If interested please call (515) 571-7561 would sell for a very reasonable price to the right home. Sold
Perfect Spring 4369395 2003 red roan mare
SI: 0 Starts 0 Wins: 0 2nds: 0 3rds: 0 Earnings: 0 Hlt Pts: 0 Perf Pts: 0
SIRE side of pedigree
Gill Bars 1973
       0921952 red roan 
Tonto Bars Hank 1958
       0102793 sorrel 
100 30 16 7 4 $ 133,919    H- 31.0  P- 0.0

Willis Maroonito 1979
       1529615 blue roan 
Prissy Joann 1964
       0330244 roan 
     H- 7.0  P- 0.0

Spring Maroonito 1975
       1258357 brown 
Maroonito 1959
       0174282 bay 
95 18 3 2 2 $ 1,756     
Chip Frost 1998
       3770031 red roan 

Spring Bonnet 1970
       0780372 bay 

The Blazin Saddle 1979
       1482089 sorrel 
Doc's Jack Frost 1968
       0537190 sorrel 
74 4 0 1 0 $ 125    H- 0.0  P- 8.0

Blazing Pines 1990
       2928257 bay 
Sandalwood Bay 1970
       0687582 bay 

Krogs Pine Doll 1980
       1611282 bay 
Paprika Pine 1977
       1334204 red roan 

Poco Sheila Doll 1961
       0168411 bay 

DAM side of pedigree
Shi Bar Skip 1978
       1444549 red roan 
     H- 4.0  P- 0.0
Super Roan Bar 1973
       0957277 red roan 
     H- 13.0  P- 0.0

Old Man Prunes 1992
       3078387 gray 
Shi Fame 1965
       0384523 sorrel 

Blue Firebird 1983
       2080764 gray 
The Ole Bird 1969
       0606965 sorrel 
60 2 0 0 0 $ 0     
Im Perfectly Shi 1996
       3457203 bay 
     H- 0.0  P- 1.0

Norther Star 1978
       1410087 gray 

Jack Fantastic 1972
       0960104 sorrel 
     H- 17.0  P- 26.0
Two Eyed Jack 1961
       0178246 sorrel 
     H- 217.0  P- 65.5

Jaunty Miss Jackie 1978
       1429936 sorrel 
Fantastic Miss 1966
       0408991 sorrel 
     H- 5.0  P- 0.0

Miss Iwo 1963
       0266403 dun 
Poco Iwo 1958
       0078926 dun 

Vada Buck 1954
       0045362 grullo